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Visual identity
Whether you are a brand, a company or a person, your presence anywhere will have to be visual.
It will need to be strong, enticing and memorable.
This is the heart of our trade: giving a distinctive pretty face to your project.*

*Make up included.
Webdesign + UX + UI
Translating your visual identity to digital media is only part of this process.
Your website will need to be clear, easily understandable and usable.
A lot of work goes into creating a good User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI), both participating in this goal of clarity and usability.
An analogy: imagine your website as a restaurant. UX will be the meal you serve, with its flavors, colors and aromas. UI will be the cutlery, plates, tables, chairs, lights and so on.

We know not to serve a delicious steak directly on the table, with only a spoon.
Front-end development
Roll out the code.
Once your webdesign is finalised, it is time to call in the translators that will turn it into arcane lines of code.
Here at Monkey.Do, we are fluent in layout languages. We get excited about semantic markup and class declarations, automagical Sass mixins, subtle animations and an attention to detail to make your website unique.

We firmly believe code can be poetry, and set up to write odes to your website.
Responsive & mobile apps
February 2014: between 30% and 50% of web traffic and at least 15% of sales are now made on mobile devices.
The websites we make are fully optimised for mobile experiences. Having it any other way would be insulting to your intelligence and ours.
That's how we roll.

In addition to that, we devise and program web-applications that allow a fast cross-platform experience as close as possible to native mobile apps.
They just work everywhere, making your tool a breeze to use on the go or at home.
Motion design
The web ain't everything! We do not discriminate; if it has a screen we can accomodate it.
We have a past making quality motion and broadcast design.

You want to see your logo animated on TV?
Come see us.

We love
what we do

Satellite Responsive webdesign – UX – UI
Worksite and team management webapp, fully responsive to be used on handheld devices onsite. Designed for Medis Software
Shapter Webdesign – Visual Identity
Shapter is a curriculum helper for students, allowing them to share their experience and choose their future.
Cryptris Webdesign – Game design
Cryptris is an educational game, allowing teenagers to learn about modern cryptography through a tetris-like game.
Aristophil Motion design
A series of video teasers for the prestigious Musée des Lettres et des Manuscrits. They plunge you into the mysteries and revelations contained in the world's manuscripts...
Darty Motion design
Roland Garros Motion design
Broadcast design for the prestigious international tennis tournament in 2011, renewed in 2012.
BNP Paribas Motion design
Adaptation and implementation of the new brand design to create consistant audiovisual guidelines and toolbox.
MAAF Motion design
Audiovisual toolbox and broadcast design for the insurance group MAAF
Usage of the word fuck Motion design
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